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SciTE in languages other than English

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Localised versions of SciTE

To use one of these translations, download the file, rename to "" and move into the same directory as global properties.

Most recent version that changed is 1.73.

For 1.73, the File | Encoding | Code Page Property menu item can not be tranlsated. This will be fixed in 1.74.

Localising SciTE

The menus and dialogs can be translated into another language by modifying the file which should be stored in the same directory as the global properties.

If you translate SciTE, please make the translation available to others. You can either put it on your own web server and tell me so that I can include a link on this page or send me the translation so it can be made available from It is slightly better to host your translation yourself as that allows it to be updated with no work from me but I understand this is not convenient for everyone.

The file names should use ISO 639-1 language codes.

If you contribute a translation, then I'll assume you want it to be made freely available under the same conditions as SciTE, unless there is a comment in the file stating otherwise.