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Bugs and To Do List


Issues can be reported on the Bug Tracker and features requested on the Feature Request Tracker.

Scintilla To Do

Folding for languages that don't have it yet and good folding for languages that inherited poor folding from another languages folding code.

Simple pattern based styling.

Different height lines based upon tallest text on the line rather than on the tallest style possible.

Composition of lexing for mixed languages (such as ASP+ over COBOL) by combining lexers.

Stream folding which could be used to fold up the contents of HTML elements.

Printing of highlight lines and folding margin.

Flow diagrams inside editor similar to GRASP.

More lexers for other languages.

SciTE To Do

Good regular expression support through a plugin.

Allow file name based selection on all properties rather than just a chosen few.

Opening from and saving to FTP servers.

Setting to fold away comments upon opening.

User defined fold ranges.

Silent mode that does not display any message boxes.

Features I am unlikely to do

These are features I don't like or don't think are important enough to work on. Implementations are welcome from others though.

Mouse wheel panning (press the mouse wheel and then move the mouse) on Windows.

Adding options to the save dialog to save in a particular encoding or with a chosen line ending.


The main point of this development is Scintilla, and this is where most effort will go. SciTE will get new features, but only when they make my life easier - I am not intending to make it grow up to be a huge full-function IDE like Visual Cafe. The lines I've currently decided not to step over in SciTE are any sort of project facility and any configuration dialogs. SciTE for Windows now has a Director interface for communicating with a separate project manager application.

If you are interested in contributing code, do not feel any need to make it cross platform. Just code it for your platform and I'll either reimplement for the other platform or ensure that there is no effect on the other platform.