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Update 19/March/2005. Most of the improvements were made in the context of the Tentacle application.

Update 1/July/2004. Tentacle demonstration applications now available.

Updates 3/February/2002 with yellow background.

Much of the core requirements of Scintilla, including text and style buffers, line positions, undo, and lexing are working. There is one example lexer for C++ although it doesn't handle keywords yet. The style buffer may contain 0, 1, 2, or 4 bytes for each byte of text.

SinkWorld is a project to investigate changes to the core of Scintilla to make it more flexible, robust, perform better and run on the .NET and Java virtual machines.

This is an experimental project. It is not certain that the techniques discussed here will produce useful results. Possible outcomes include a completely new set of classes that replace Scintilla; interesting algorithms, classes and concepts that can be copied from SinkWorld into Scintilla; or complete failure.

The Portability section has seen the most work and so has the most visible outputs.

The results of the SinkWorld project may be made available under more than one license. Much of the lowest level code and utilities may be released to the public domain to encourage maximum use and to avoid spending time on license questions. Other resulting code, such as platform adaptation layers, may become closed-source products.

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